aiGateway White Labelled Payment Gateways Fraud Prevention Management

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You can create reports both on a single transaction type and result, and on all types of transactions at once to assess the situation and payment trends, refunds and chargebacks in general. Our unique reporting tool, the Acquired Hub can include a partner logo at the top of the portal, as well as allowing customisation of the colour scheme presented to customers. Utilise’s best-in-class onboarding and operations functions to directly manage your merchant’s onboarding journeys from start to finish. This is obviously great for customers but it also means that, if you’re a dropshipping firm relying on a third-party seller, the onus will fall onto you to refund the item, which could be costly.

Who needs a white label payment gateway

And don’t worry, your customers don’t need a PayPal account to use PayPal Payments Pro – this software can be integrated with Payflow Gateway to create a customisable, online payment solution. With variable transaction fees, this payment gateway is nice and budget-friendly for small business merchants. Because it’s largely based offline, WorldPay outperforms most other brands on this list for hardware and software options. The brand boasts a wide arsenal of payment solutions including card machines and POS systems, unlike alternatives like Stripe. However, dealing with Worldpay is like dealing with any large provider.

Integration required?

In other words, using Corefy is a smart way to pay online more stably and cheaply. Most online payment platforms have limitations on supported currency types and payment methods. Corefy supports no less than 200 PSPs and accommodates almost all types of online marketplaces.

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Understanding private label credit cards

In the case of using white-label solutions, all technical aspects are on the team of white-label providers, allowing you to shift focus with minimal effort. The business world is changing at a blistering pace, offering new approaches and market opportunities. With custom payment gateways, it’s quite hard to keep up with all these changes, including things like the integration of new wallets, apple pay, and connectors to 3rd-party platforms. On the contrary, a white-label payment solution is updated according to the latest trends to provide better service to clients. Choosing the right payment gateway is considered one of the keys to the success and development of any company. Many business people are thinking about integrating payments into their software or application.

Who needs a white label payment gateway

We do our best to ensure your website is prepared to do exactly what your customers want and need. Stripes offer a complete payment platform that is designed with growth in your business at the forefront. Whether you wish to invoice your clients periodically or wish to create a marketplace or merely accept payments Stripes have the white label payment gateway solutions ready to do whatever you need. In other words, their services are allowed to be fully branded and In-House from start to finish, bringing all payments through their highly secured processes to prevent fraud at any level. Customers prefer not to use their digital wallets to make purchases on unsafe payment platforms.

The benefits of using white label payment gateway and why Corefy is reliable

Imagine being a customer at a cinema, paying for a ticket with a card machine. Your details go into the machine, it’s confirmed and you get a receipt. The cinema is charged a small fee for each use of that credit card. The Card Machines for payment processing that we offer at 5Tel come in a range of different models, you can choose the one most suited to your business. We also have many types of telecommunication bundles that suit your business style and needs perfectly.

Who needs a white label payment gateway

Seatlab’s ticketing system incorporates Mollie, PayPal and Stripe into our customisable checkout to ensure no payment types can be missed. SEO and unique content – we’ll build an eye-pleasing, engaging website your customers will fall in love with instantly. We’ll assist you in developing a website that has a strong online presence and effectively reaches its target audience. World-class technical support – we offer a team of professional eCommerce developers with the right knowledge, in-depth skills, and proven experience. WooCommerce provides very clean, clear, and intuitive data from which you can identify the potential activities to perform to get more sales and revenue. WooCommerce offers uncompromised cybersecurity putting the protection of your customer’s data at the top of their scheme.

Top 7 reasons to switch from your own payment gateway to a white-label solution

Developing a payment gateway in-house can be extremely expensive with many additional costs and high transaction fees. A smart and sophisticated gateway solution takes a lot of time and skill to build and maintain. Reports based on customer activities, account transactions or integrated payment gateways availability. As an organisation of NBK Wallet platform you are able to provide your customers or partners with secure and compliant digital wallets. And also decide on what payment gateways can be used to provision them.

Thus you can receive a small but regular commission every time there is a payment transaction on your platform. As for your customers, it will be easier for your customers to make payments, spurring them to buy regularly and unwittingly strengthening your brand in the eyes of them and potential customers. Cardstream’s payment gateway is one of few gateways in the world built to be white labelled by our reseller partners. Cardstream’s white label payment gateway allows the merchant or ISO to brand and sell the payment gateway services as their own. They get to use their own company logo, URL, login portal and API integrations to customise the look and feel to match their brand and service to their customers in a way they see fit. In essence, why would a merchant acquirer or ISO resell someone else’s payment gateway, when they can be the payment gateway themselves.

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